samedi 27 septembre 2008

What's the story mother ?

about Alien languages, evil APIs, and OOPs .

More details please.

I'll pick up interesting questions regarding OOP, API programming, using C/C++ libraries, porting C/Java code into the W-language.

... show some code, share my ideas and solutions.

Stay tuned!

2 commentaires:

Pjotr a dit…

Hi Bjoern,
Nice initiative. BTW, do you know the site of Vincent Roy. A little the same interests .

Björn Lietz-Spendig a dit…

Hi Pjotr,
frankly said : No, I have not heard about Vincent's initiative. But I'll inform mtself as soon as possible.
Thanks for the pointer!

The next thing I like to pick up is how to port a certain Java class into WD. This Java class implements the Propagator pattern. (No, not a Gang of four pattern)
I'll show how to port this class into W-Language and how a WD GUIs could benefit from this pattern.

Keywords : Java - Vector, -ArrayList, -Iterator, thread safe programming.

The W-language port is already done ... Just have to become more familar with blogs.
Kind regards, Bjôrn